Wrinkle spot removal plasmapen

Wrinkle spot removal plasmapen

Plasma Lift
Plasma Lift is a 100% non-invasive and non-surgical procedure and is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to reduce the volume of excess skin while generating collagen and elastin fibers that can fade as we age. It has low risk, minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. With Plasma Lift we can promote skin rejuvenation, firming, tightening and lifting, to give you a more youthful appearance.


In addition to the spot:

Including the contact spot location moves back and forth slightly ,can be clearly found that the melanin in electric acupuncture after saul zoomb black fall off,if precipitation shallow spots ,area is lesser,,can a removal;if a larger area of pigmentation is deeper,it must be 2or 3 times to deal with more appropriate ,should also pay attention to the hairdrresser when using electric acupuncture treatment ,besides keeping customers pose,according to the hairdresser with the hand of electric acupuncture should balance the jitter ,lest cause burns when processing ,shades ,influence wound healing ,leave scar phenomenon.

Dot mole:

When dot mole ,pay special attention to distinguish the mole extent ,some mole grows on the skin surface layer ,and root growth of moles ,deep subcutaneous tissue ,including using the needle at a time when the end of the cut surface of moles ,the best wy to burn in small squares.If growth relatively deep mole ,besides should avoid inflammation after processed,had better be in 2to 3days before the wound healing nourishing cream coated with a small living cells,can prevent skin concave hole ,when wiping nutrition frost ,should pay attention to the wound with inflammation of the situation,if is nnot to wipe .

It is a Revolutionary treatment and beauty game changer!!!
Plasma Lift-Skin tightening treatment is NON-invasive or NON-surgical procedure where no scalpels or any surgical instruments are used.

Plasma Lift is basically an electrical arc that is transmitted through a small probe. This innovative technique cannot cause the so-called “over lifting”, as it only affects excess/loose skin which returns to its “original state”.

The procedure can be carried out only by a certified specialist.

First, the topical anesthetic (cream) is applied, minimizing the risk of pain and numbing the treated area. The anesthetic takes effect 20 minutes after the application. The procedure itself does not last long, 20–30 minutes depending on the area. The duration of the treatment (with anesthetic application): 60–90 minutes.

It is advisable that you do not apply any cosmetic products on the treated area (especially those containing alcohol). During the consultation you should mention all recent surgical or aesthetic procedures. We also ask that you avoid any sun exposure for up to 4 weeks prior to the treatment and up to 2 weeks after treatment.
Plasma Lift-Skin Tightening is a non-invasive procedure with minimal level of pain. It is virtually painless, as the treated area is numbed before the treatment. After the treatment the treated area is red (7–14 days) and some patients may experience some swelling, which may last up to 3–4 days. At the site of each spot a small crust will form. They should not be touched and you should wait for 4–5 days for them to fall off naturally. During the procedure the clients may feel some discomfort, not actual pain, depending on the treated area of the face/body.

With the help of Plasma Lift-Skin Tightening instrument it is possible to treat various skin problems (acne), achieve the “lifting effect” of the loose skin or correct or remove scars …

If you suffer from any of the above mentioned and do not want to go through a traditional surgical procedure, PRIVÉ Academy Plasma Lift-Skin Tightening is right solution for you.

• Upper eyelids
• Lower eyelids
• Neck tightening
• Mid-face lifting
• Wrinkles
• Worry lines
• Crow’s feet
• Smile lines
• Nasolabial lines
• Belly skin reduction
• Removal of age & sun spots (usually not on face)
• It can be performed on any loose/saggy skin area
We do NOT treat MOLES and birthmarks!

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